Walter J. Klein Company Promotional Film

A fascinating look into the inner-workings of the Klein Company during the 1950s, this film shows the viewer how they pitch and create multimedia materials for their clients. It is apparent that the Klein company was modern, cutting edge, and produced innovative labels and advertisements. The film was shot at their original studio, 1214 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina. Narration done by Charles Kuralt, host of On the Road from CBS News.

Released:              1951
Running Time:     16 min

Preventive Dentistry in B Sharp

A famous composer, played by Avery Schreiber, composes a piece dedicated to preventive dentistry as he answers questions about dental care. Preventive Dentistry in B Sharp is a humorous film filled with musical puns about proper brushing, flossing and dental hygiene.

Released:              1975
Running Time:     Excerpt

Silver Safari

1977 winner of CINE Golden Eagle and a Gold Medal at the International Film & TV Festival, The Silver Safari follows the 25th Anniversary Safari Rally, a 4,000 mile stock car race beginning in Nairobi, Kenya. Shot on location with a crew of only four, the film colorfully documents the extraordinary 5-day event, featuring driver interviews and extensive footage of the race across Kenyan terrain.

Released:              1977
Running Time:     Excerpt

The Standard of Perfection

 In a world obsessed with increasing speeds of commerce, communication, and life, a handful of companies still produce goods imbued with care and craftsmanship. The Standard of Perfection features Noritake China's creative, manufacturing, and quality control processes in a film resplendent with the same care and beauty as the fine china it depicts.

Released:              1985
Running Time:     16 min

In His Father's Footsteps

Made in conjunction with the National Conference of Christians and Jews, this film focuses on parents who visit their son, stationed in West Germany, and are appalled by his prejudices. Believing they have taught their son better, and believing themselves to have learned from the experience of Nazi hatred, the story gets even more complex when the boy’s father is forced to acknowledge his own veiled bigotry.

Released:              1982
Running Time:     Excerpt

Accent on You

One of the many thousands of health films produced to help people understand the workings of the human body, Accent on You cleverly uses a young boy and girl to discuss and explain puberty. Full of useful information, this film provides an unintimidating exploration of the human body in transition from youth to adulthood, with a special emphasis in the second half on its female audience.

Released:              1981
Running Time:     Excerpt

The Big Yellow Fellow

One of the most popular educational films in American history, 1978’s Big Yellow Fellow was a collaborative effort of more than 100 school systems. A young boy “adopts” the Big Yellow Fellow after the anthropomorphized school bus follows him home one afternoon. Primary school children are carefully and entertainingly instructed in school bus conduct and safety.

Released:               1978
Running Time:     14 min

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