About the Organizers

Organized by the students in English 585, a Seminar in the History of Educational Film, at North Carolina State University. Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and Film Studies at NCSU.

Special thanks to David Spencer at University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Skip Elsheimer from AV Geeks for lending us the films. Special thanks to Kim Cumber and the NC State Archives for providing space for the event. Finally, special thanks to the Klein Family; without their support, this would not have been possible.

Professors:                               Dr. Marsha Orgeron
                                                      Dr. Devin Orgeron

Projectionist/AV Geek:          Skip Elsheimer

Head of Curation:                   Amy Pippi

Researchers:                            Christina Blyde
Researcher:                              Melanie Cregger
Researcher:                              Kevin Flinn 
Researcher:                              Lauren Pilcher
Researcher:                              Beth Robbins
Researcher:                              Heather Szafran

Marketing:                                Anne Purcell
Marketing:                                Kristina Bell
                                                     Jason Buel
                                                     Brenna Leath

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